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Embassy interview

Course name: Embassy interview.

Duration: 5 classes (40-45 minutes each).


Many English speaking countries will conduct interviews with applicants for such things as international student exchange programs. For example, for the USA the interview at the embassy of the United States will be an important checkpoint on the way to your trip. Success during this interview depends on many factors, but your English proficiency will be taken into account during the approvals process. If you're planning to undergo that type of interview at some point in the future, then you should start proper preparations for it as soon as possible.

"Embassy Interview" is a short course which was developed specifically for potential applicants who wish to study and or work abroad in an English speaking country. During this course, you'll have a unique opportunity to review the most common questions asked during such interviews and prepare answers to them.


NB: This course is intended to improve your confidence in preparing for an official entry interview in English. It can in no way guarantee success during any actual interview itself.

Once you complete the payment, the classes will be automatically credited to your account. Additionally, the lessons materials will be enabled in your profile.

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