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Using the Virtual Board during English classes

In addition to Skype (which is used as the main tool for voice communication during English classes) our teachers may utilize Virtual Boards to demonstrate graphic materials. This tool enables two ways real time collaboration between the teacher and the user allowing them to better communicate in English.

It is very simple to configure and start using the Virtual Board. However, it's not supported by iOS and Android devices as of now. Therefore, if you use mobile or tablet devices to attend your EnglishMania classes (or just experience other difficulties connecting to the Virtual Board), then our teachers will be using the standard "screen sharing" feature of Skype to conduct your lesson.

STEP 1: Open the Virtual Board URL

At the very beginning of your English class, a teacher will message you by Skype the link to the Virtual Board.

Open the given URL via a web browser you normally use (Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer etc.).

If you are getting the following message while opening the link:

then you need to update the Adobe Flash by downloading it using the given URL. Normally it should take just a few seconds to download the Adobe Flash, however, pay attention for any pop-up messages asking for the download confirmation - some browsers need your confirmation 1st before the download starts, and sometimes it's not easy to notice it as it's asked via a tiny pop-up message in the upper area of your web browser.

Once the update is done, restart the browser and open the Virtual Board URL once again. The load progress bar will appear for a few seconds, and after that, you will see the "Sign In" window.

STEP 2: Enter the Virtual Classroom

Type your Username and hit the Sign In button.

The Virtual Board will appear in a few moments.

STEP 3: Get familiar with the Virtual Board

Your English teacher will gradually guide you through all features of the Virtual Board as the class progresses.

All you need to know to begin is:

  1. Where to chat with the teacher [1].
  2. Where to change the size of the Virtual Board for as per your preferences (full screen mode, scroll bars etc.). [2].

If you are having some difficulties with the Virtual Board, please do not hesitate to contact our Support Team via any communication channel listed in the "Contacts" section. We're always happy to help!