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Beginner, Level 2

Course name: Beginner, Level 2.

Duration: 20 classes (40-45 minutes each).


If you have little knowledge of English or have decided to continue your studies after a long break, then our Beginners Program is perfect for you. This course is aimed at increasing learners’ familiarity with English words and expressions which are commonly used in everyday life.

During classes, our teachers conduct reading exercises and discussions about various real-life situations. Our use of interactive presentations makes it easy for students to learn our lessons. With this course, you will develop the ability to read and understand simple sentences and use the English language in basic conversation.

The Beginner program is composed of 2 modules:

- Beginner, Level 1 (20 lessons).

- Beginner, Level 2 (20 lessons).

Payment options:





1 class,
Level 2" course.
10 classes,
Level 2" course.
20 classes,
Level 2" course.
unlimited number
of classes*

within 1 month.

Once you complete the payment, the classes will be automatically credited to your account. Additionally, the lessons materials will be enabled in your profile.

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All purchased classes are valid for the period of 6 months (180 calendar days) since the moment of payment completion. This applies to all payment options/subscriptions except for the "Unlimited plans" where the validity period is 30 calendar days only.

* - The following conditions apply to the "unlimited" plan:

  • 1 month = 30 calendar days.
  • No more than 1 class per day.
  • The plan is not sharable and can be used by one user only.
  • The month starts from the day of the 1st class (defined by a user via the booking system).