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Proofreading - Gold Service

The Gold Service provides copy as written by a native English speaker, whilst still retaining the key information from the original message. This service tends to be used when professional communications are key. Examples may be when wishing to present an English language web page to clients or planning to commission printed copies of your original message, such as with leaflets and brochures.


Original text Edited text

The words have been written deliberately incorectly to allow demonstration of the EnglishMania diference between the Bronze the Silver and the Gold services which have a prize range from as low as 5 american cents for per word.

The effect of corecting the sentences and words and phrases and punctuation and grammer can be seen in the box to the write of the this 1.

All EnglishMania would require first to provide a quote is here: http://english-mania.ru/proofreading-service-form. If good a copy of the text to be revue can be provided in as an attached documents or entered as an email.

The words on the left hand side were deliberately poorly written, to allow for the difference between each of the services to be more clearly demonstrated.

The box you are now reading shows the effect that can be achieved by the Gold Service, which aims to produce a much improved flow of words and sentences i.e. the communication reads as written by a native English speaker.

To obtain an initial quotation please complete the simple online form found here: http://english-mania.ru/proofreading-service-form.

If you wish to proceed with the work a formal quotation will be provided upon receipt of a copy of the text to be reviewed. This should be sent via email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. as an attached document or within the body of the email.

Prices start from as low as 5 cents (American) per word.

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