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Trial class application

Start your learning at EnglishMania with a free trial class. The trial class is a great opportunity to see if this new way of learning English through Skype fits your needs and matches your expectations.

It doesn't matter if you have never studied English before or you can already speak English comfortably - our courses are effective for all types of users. Even if you are low a beginner, do not hesitate to try! During EnglishMania classes our teachers will create productive and comfortable atmosphere for you, so you can progress fast regardless of your initial skills.

STEP 1: Create your account

Click the button below to create your EnglishMania account.

After that, you will receive your account registration email and will be able to schedule your trial class using our online booking system.

From: auto@english-mania
Subj: Welcome to EnglishMania

Dear John Doe,

Thank you for submitting the trial class application at EnglishMania (http://english-mania.com). Please use our online booking system to schedule your trial class.

The user guide which describes the booking process can be found here: http://english-mania.com/downloads/class_booking_eng.pdf

Username: jdoe
Password: em1234

Before your trial class we recommend you to check the 'Frequently Asked Questions' section of our website. It contains some information which can be useful for new users of our service: http://english-mania.com/faq

STEP 2: Schedule your trial class

Now, after you created your account, go to your email account and check your EnglishMania registration email. Use your username/password from the registration email to log into the booking system and set the schedule for your 1st class.

STEP 3: Attend your trial class

5-10 minutes before your class the EnglishMania teacher will send you the contact authorization request via Skype. Please accept the contact request. After that, your class will start shortly.


  1. Computer (desktop, laptop, tablet computer) with Internet access.
  2. Headphones. We strongly recommend using headphones instead of speakers – this can greatly improve the sound quality.
  3. Microphone.
  4. Skype account.

Before your first class please test your Internet connection, headphones and microphone by doing a Skype test call. This can help to avoid delays with your trial class.

STEP 4: Check the results

Within 10-15 minutes after the trial class you will receive an automatic email notification with the information regarding the recommended program and the payment options. Example:

From: auto@english-mania
Subj: EnglishMania - trial class results

Hello, John Doe!

Based on results of the trial class, the teacher has recommended to you the "Beginner, Level 1" program.

You can find more details and check the payment options at: http://english-mania.com/courses/english-course-online-beginner-level-1

Should you have any questions, feel free to contact us via email or Skype, and we'll be happy to help!

At this point you can decide if you want to continue to learn and purchase the recommended course. If you still have questions, then contact us via email/Skype/phone and will be happy to assist!