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Partner Program - Terms and Conditions

  • The EnglishMania Partner Program refers to the service as described on the EnglishMania Affiliate Program webpage at http://english-mania.com/affiliate-program .

  • Approval and acceptance as a Partner is at the sole discretion of EnglishMania and EnglishMania reserves the right to refuse any application or to terminate any existing Partner.

  • Only one Partner Code per applicant.

  • Commissions to be paid to the Partner’s PayPal account will be transferred on or about the 1st of each month.

  • Commission balances will not be transferred until the total balance is at least USD $10.

  • Commission balances of less than USD $10 will be held on account until such time as the total balance exceeds USD $10.

  • Any balance of commission can be used to pay for EnglishMania classes.

  • If a referral joins the program after the 25th of a calendar month the related commission will be held over to the second month from registration.

  • EnglishMania will maintain a record of commissions balances, payment transfers and discounts used and will provide each Partner with an e-balance statement on or about the 15th of each month.

  • Partners will start receiving an e-balance statement after the 1st referral payment is made. No statement will be generated until then (assume your partner commission is 0).

  • It is the responsibility of the Partner to notify EnglishMania if they have not received a statement for that month.

  • Any disputes regarding payments/transfers/discounts must be brought to the attention of EnglishMania within 30 days of the issuing of the monthly statement.

  • It is not permitted to sell, trade or purchase Partner Codes in any way.

  • Partners agree that any communication they produce in regard to EnglishMania shall not contain content which is and/or any links to any website which contains obscene, abusive, libellous, defamatory or otherwise illegal content or content which infringes third party Intellectual Property Rights or is invasive of any privacy and/or publicity rights, is criminal, is in violation of any law or which is in the opinion of EnglishMania otherwise objectionable.

  • Partners agree that any communication they produce in regard to EnglishMania shall not misrepresent, mislead or cause confusion about the services offered by EnglishMania or the relationship the Partner has to EnglishMania.

  • EnglishMania reserves the right to review and modify any terms and conditions of the Partner Program at any time.