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I or Me?

Many people use I and me interchangeably in conversation and nobody minds. People care more in written communication so here are some rules.

I = subject of a verb.

I (subject) looked at him (object).

Me = object of a verb.

He (subject) looked at me (object).


Then or Than?

Most people confuse the words then and than. Here is the answer:

Than is a conjunction used with comparisons. 

  1. For example: Laika is smaller than Sam.
  2. For example: When I looked at my money, I had less than I thought I had.

Then is an adverb or an adjective that refers to the time in the past or the future.


13 Phrasal Verbs with "Get"

A phrasal verb is a combination of a verb and an adverb or preposition, which has a particular meaning, such as ‘look after’, ‘hurry up’, ‘give in’, ‘chill out’, ‘get away with’ and ‘bring up’. For example in the sentence ‘Don’t tell me how to bring up my children!’, ‘bring up’ means ‘raise’. An adverb or preposition in a phrasal verb is sometimes called a particle.

Below is a list of phrasal verbs that begin with GET and their example sentences.

1. get away = go on a vacation       


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