Monday: Idioms and Expressions


Ahhh the joys of Monday morning. For many of us it means a combination of waking up early, commuting to work, taking that first coffee of the day, meeting with our boss, switching on the PC, and start working. Anyway, did you know that there are several idioms and expressions using the word "Monday"? Here are the following:

  1. Monday’s child
    Is a lovely or good-looking child. It’s Poetic – “Monday’s child is fair of face, Tuesday’s child is full of grace”
  2. Monday morning quarterback (US football slang)Is someone who says how a problem should have been dealt with after it’s over.
  3. Blue Monday (from a song 1955)
    A name for Monday (usually the first day of the working week) when it’s unpleasant to return to work.
  4. Monday blues / Monday morning blues
    Is a feeling of sadness or melancholy because one must return to work or start a new week.
  5. Mondayitis
    Used in pop culture to describe tired, apathetic feeling man experience upon the return to work after weekend.
  6. Black Monday
    Is used to refer to a historic catastrophe in a country. For example, a very terrible fire in Glasgow, Scotland a century ago. Other “Black Monday” include October 1929 when the US stock market crashed on Wall Street, causing major financial upheaval. A “Black Monday” for Britain is on February 6, 1886 when a major protest over unemployment issues led to a riot in Pall Mall, London.
  7. Easter Monday
    A Christian holiday the next day after Ester Sunday. Events include egg rolling contests and dousing people with water.
  8. Monday Night Football (MNF)
    is a live TV broadcast of the US National Football League. It’s one of the longest running shows ever.
  9. Other more common expressions include “Monday through Friday”, “The Monday night” & “Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday”

I hope you've learned a lot from these expressions. Try using them in your own sentences. Happy Monday everyone!!! :)