The English of Rainbowville: An Old Lady's Springtime Story of Love and Growth

Once upon a time, in a small city named Rainbowville there lived an old lady who loved the season of spring. Every year, when spring time arrived, she would watch in delight as the sun slowly melted the snow away, allowing the bright colors of flowers and buds to bloom in its place.

As April showers began, the lady would watch the rain pour down and fill up her bird baths with warm rain water. Suddenly, the sound of chirping birds filled the air. The old lady would smile with joy as she watched the birds flock to the bird baths to drink and bathe in the rain water. She'd sit there leisurely and admire the feathered friends that joined her in her appreciation of nature.

The lady began to spend all of her waking hours in the springtime outside in her backyard. She'd wander the gardens, weaving through the paths of wildflowers, lush grass, and buzzing bees.

One day, she noticed a small sapling growing in the corner of her yard. The sapling was still only a few inches tall, but it already had a few small buds peeking out from its delicate limbs.

The old lady smiled and placed her hands firmly on the trunk of the young tree. She noticed that the little sapling was just the same color as the rainbow that hung above her city. She took a clippings of the sapling and planted it in a pot, determined to watch it grow into a strong and vibrant symbol of the future of Rainbowville.