British vs. American English - Vocabulary

Motorbike or motorcycle? Which one is correct? When it comes to vocabulary, some words are slightly different between American and British.

Whether you are more familiar with British words or American words, it is useful to know both. Here is a list of the most common vocabulary differences between British and American English.

   American English                                British English

apartment flat
bangs fringe
bathroom toilet
busy engaged
can tin
cell phone (aka cell) mobile phone (aka mobile)
checking account current account
chips crisps
cookies biscuits
cotton candy candyfloss
detergent washing powder
diapers nappies
dishwashing liquid washing up liquid
elevator lift
faucet tap
Ferris wheel  big wheel
flashlight torch
free time spare time
French fries chips
garbage garbage
gas petrol
highway main road
jelly  jam
movie film
movie theater cinema
oatmeal porridge
panty hose tights
parking lot car park
report card school report
scallion spring onion
sidewalk pavement
skillet frying-pan
sweater jumper
trashcan dustbin
trolley car  tram
vacation holiday
yard garden
zip code postcode
zipper zip