Perverbs - also called Anti-proverbs are humorous parodies or combinations of common proverbs. To have full effect, an anti-proverb must be based on a known proverb. For example, Don’t count your chickens in the bush. 

Standard proverbs are essentially defined phrases, well-known to many people. For example, Honesty is the best policy. When this sequence slightly changed (Beauty is the best policy) it becomes perverbs.

More examples:

  1. He who laughs last is lost.
  2. Even a crazy dog knows its way home.
  3. Procrastination is better than cure.
  4. Don't count your chickens in midstream.
  5. A bad Woman makes a wise man wiser.
  6. Ambition does not sleep on the tree.
  7. Man is the head of the home, but never its habits.
  8. Good deeds is no license to go to heaven.
  9. The reward of good work is being busy doing nothing.
  10. Time is thicker than water.
  11. Being ignorant can be worth more than gold.
  12. When in Rome, do it yourself.

Tell us some examples of entertaining perverbs you know!