Emotions which can't be translated in English

Have you ever experienced wherein you know exactly what emotion you're feeling, but for some reason, you can't seem to find a way to describe it?

Don’t worry because this phenomenon is entirely normal. Here are some examples of words from other languages that describe specific emotions, ones that cannot be defined by any one term in English.

Saudade (Portuguese): a somewhat melancholic feeling of incompleteness; longing for something that might never return.

How To Spell Potato?

If GH can stand for P as in Hiccough 
If OUGH can stand for O as in Dough 
If PHTH can stand for T as in Phthisis 
If EIGH can stand for A as in Neighbor 
If TTE can stand for T as in Gazette 
If EAU can stand for O as in Plateau

Then the right way to spell POTATO should be:


Crazy English!

With the most number of irregularities and exceptions to rules, let's see how well you know English. Here is an excerpt of a poem by an unknown author about how complex the English Language is.

The English Lesson (excerpt)



Often you come across words that are paired together but maybe completely contradictory in meaning such as awfully good,  pretty ugly, random order, small crowd etc. These word pairs are known as oxymoron.

An oxymoron is a figure of speech that uses contradictory terms in conjunction, which means two words that ironically contradict each other.  Learn more about oxymorons by checking out some of these funny examples.


30 Easy-to-Follow New Year’s Resolutions

Happy New Year from EnglishMania!

It's 2014! How are you going to make this year the best yet? Sticking to a New Year's resolution takes work; make sure you choose something worth working for!

Here are 30 ideas for simple resolutions that can make a big difference.




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EnglishMania Gift Certificates are now available! 

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British vs. American English - Vocabulary

Motorbike or motorcycle? Which one is correct? When it comes to vocabulary, some words are slightly different between American and British.

Whether you are more familiar with British words or American words, it is useful to know both. Here is a list of the most common vocabulary differences between British and American English.

   American English                                British English


New Word - "Selfie"

A few days ago we mentioned how flexible the English language is. The word "selfie" is a great example here! Last November the Oxford Dictionaries announced selfie as their international Word of the Year 2013.

A few years ago nobody even heard about this word while now it's one of the most frequently used words in the world of the Social Networking.  Within 2013 it's been rapidly rising from less than 1000 encounters per day back in January to more than 5000 in October. Just check you Facebook account and see how many of those you can see everyday :-)


Rapid growth of Distance Learning and its applications

Distance learning (e-learning) industry has been booming lately. With all its advantages this approach is proven to be very effective. Great article that addresses the factual elements that describe the rapid growth of distance learning was recently published by the USDLA (United States Distance Learning Association).

Source: http://www.usdla.org/html/aboutUs/researchInfo.htm



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